How to write a eulogy

If you have been asked to give a eulogy, it means that the deceased was close to you, but remember if you feel too upset to do it or too nervous just say so and explain why you are not able to. If you decide to give the eulogy, keep in mind that the average eulogy is 7 – 10 minutes long. Take time to prepare it and practice its delivery, remember there is no right or wrong way to give a eulogy, all you have to do is make sure it comes from the heart, is sensitive and sincere.

Why we have eulogies

A eulogy is a time in the service to reflect on the deceased’s life, so talk about your own special memories of them; perhaps choose a light-hearted story that will make those present smile and remember them in a positive light, reflect perhaps on their childhood and work; their family life and hobbies, a favourite poem. Ask the immediate family if there is anything they want included, a precious memory or anecdote.

Delivering a eulogy

Just remember to take your time, pause when you need to, and take deep breaths to relax. If you find you are becoming tearful, stop and if you cannot compose yourself, just say sorry and return to your seat. Everyone will understand.