Drug dealers at Macclesfield Cemetery

March 2015

A flower rests on a gravestone

Early last week a visitor to Macclesfield cemetery was appalled when he was accosted by a young black man, who had run across people’s memorials and up a steep bank in order to present him with a £20 note and ask him for some “weed”, in the belief that he was dealing in drugs.  Orbitas staff immediately reported the incident to the Police who advised that anyone coming across such anti social behaviour contact them on 101 or if deemed an emergency 999.Councillor Lesley Smetham, Deputy Chairman of Orbitas, Bereavement Services said:

“I was extremely disturbed to be told of this incident, we think of our cemeteries as quiet tranquil places, where people can come to visit in safety.  To think that people would resort to dealing in drugs in the cemetery is abhorrent to respectable people.”“Drug dealing in any environment is not only an anti social behaviour but it is also a criminal offence, and such behaviour cannot be tolerated, it is obvious that these type of people have no respect or feeling for anyone.”