Memorial Fees and Charges from 1 January 2018

Fees and Charges for our memorials are shown below.

Memorial Fees
MemorialsPrice (£)
Right to Place memorial plaque including fitting on the Memorial Wall in the Garden of Remembrance Sandbach Cemetery 105.00
Additional inscription on headstone, tomb or monument 50.00
Memory box 75.00
Ash Vault with plaque and flower vase (Exclusive Right of Burial 100 years) Macclesfield, can accommodate 4 sets  of cremated remains (excludes interment fee)  700.00 for 25 year lease, or £1100 for 50 year lease
Inscription on Ash Vault plaque 70.00
Tower with plaque and posey holder (including interment but excluding appointment fee) Macclesfield Formal Garden 150.00
Seats and Plaques (inc VAT and installation) POA
Granite bench POA
Bronze plaque including inscription 205.00
Granite boulder/tablet (lease for ten years) Crewe/Macclesfield inc. inscribed plaque 510.00
Renewal of granite boulders 255.00
Book plaque Crewe 205.00
Renewal of book plaques 102.50
Commemorative plaque Crewe - granite plaque 275.00
Memorial with vase and tablet (ten year lease) Tree of Light Garden Crewe/Butterfly Garden Sandbach  inc. inscription & interment of cremated remains 510.00
Memorial with vase and tablet renewal for further 5 years 255.00


Memorial Kerbs
 Memorial KerbsPrice (£)
ARC Kerbstone with plaque Macclesfield Formal Garden (memorial only) 510.00
Inscription of Formal Kerbstone plaque 40.00


Book of remembrance
 Book of RemembrancePrice (£)
 Two line entry 75.00
 Each additional entry 15.00
 Five line entry 125.00
 Eight line entry 170.00
 Floral Emblem (only with minimum 5 line entry) 255.00


Children's book of remembrance
 Children’s Book of RemembrancePrice (£)
 Two line entry 20.00
 Each additional line 5.00
 Five line entry 35.00
Illustration - Teddy/Cherub etc 75.00


Leather recordia
 Leather RecordiaPrice (£)
 Leather Panel Memorial ten year lease (inc inscription) 180.00
 Renewal of Leather Panel for ten years 105.00