Flowers at a funeral

The Orbitas Funeral Service

Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience, and we, at Orbitas, believe it’s important to have someone to rely on, someone who can take care of arrangements for you, someone you can trust.

National average cost of a funeral

Based on a recent report* the local average cost of a funeral before third party costs such as doctors and clergy/officiant fees is £3,222* with a burial possibly costing substantially more. This can increase significantly when these third party costs and other items, such as embalming, obituaries and flowers, are included.

* Sun Life Cost of Dying report 2018 North West figures adjusted to match Orbitas Funeral specification, i.e. reduced by doctors and clergy/officiant costs.

Our aim is to ensure that the Orbitas Funeral Service is to a high standard yet affordable for the residents of Cheshire East.

The Orbitas Funeral Service includes:

  • ✔ Collection of deceased from within Cheshire East Borough;
  • ✔ Storage of the deceased and preparation of the deceased in an appropriate and dignified manner;
  • ✔ Provision of coffin, furnishings and fittings . A choice of coffins - light wood veneer, dark wood veneer and an environmental/ biodegradable coffin ;
  • ✔ Provision of chapel of rest and viewing facilities (viewing on any number of occasions during normal office hours 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday). In addition, at least one out of hours viewing of up to one hour until 8.00pm, seven days per week, is included to be arranged with your chosen Funeral Director;
  • ✔ Provision of hearse and one limousine;
  • ✔ Cremation or burial to take place in one of Cheshire East Council’s crematoria or cemeteries – operated by Orbitas Bereavement Services. See cremation and burial fees for crematoria and cemeteries in Cheshire East borough.

Orbitas Funeral Service costs

We are able to offer this service inclusive of all associated crematorium charges from £2,555 which is considerably less than the national average, and we believe offers excellent value for money.


The Orbitas Funeral Service can also include burial. Orbitas charges Cheshire East Residents £1,172 for a plot (known as a ‘Right of Burial’). This is valid for 100 years from date of purchase. The plot will have space for two burials. In addition to the right of burial, a first burial currently costs £920 and a second £820. For further guidance, please discuss directly with your appointed Funeral Director.

Additional costs

Typical third party costs to be added to the Orbitas Funeral cost are doctors and clergy/officiant fees.

The table below shows these and some other additional costs. These can vary and should be discussed with your chosen Funeral Director.

Medical fees* £164
Embalming £120
Clergy / Officiant £180
Obituary £70
Organist £60
Order of Service £50
Ashes Casket £80
Flowers £120
Interment of Ashes £210
Webcast of funeral service** £50

not payable if HM Coroner issues Cremation Form 6

** provided by Orbitas Bereavement Services

Participating funeral directors

The Orbitas Funeral Service is offered by a number of professional funeral directors throughout the Borough all of whom deliver to a professional standard. It is available to anyone who is arranging a funeral for a resident of Cheshire East and will be held at either  Crewe or  Macclesfield Crematoria or any of the borough’s  eleven cemeteries.

How to book an Orbitas Funeral Service

If you wish to use this service, please contact your chosen funeral directors and ask for the ‘Orbitas Funeral Service'


In making these arrangements you will be entering into a contract directly with the Funeral director. The Funeral directors offering the Orbitas Funeral Service have no connection, financial or otherwise, with Cheshire East Council or Orbitas Bereavement Services Ltd.