Flowers at a funeral

The Orbitas Funeral Service

In 2016 Orbitas created the Orbitas Funeral, an initiative the aim of which was to work with local Funeral Directors to give bereaved residents clarity on funeral costs.  Initially working with one partner Funeral Director, growing more recently to four, the Orbitas Funeral story was shared with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), during their investigation into bereavement charges made by Funeral Directors and Crematoria, in anticipation of influencing the outcome.

The outcome of that investigation, the Funerals Market Order 2021, includes the legal requirement for all Funeral Directors to publish the cost of the CMA’s “typical” funeral.  As a result, Orbitas has decided that the Orbitas Funeral is no longer required to give the bereaved clarity on funeral costs and has, therefore, discontinued the project as of 31st March 2022.