The Orbitas Funeral Service

Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience, and we, at Orbitas, believe it’s important to have someone to rely on, someone who can take care of arrangements for you, someone you can trust.

Flowers at a funeral

The Orbitas Funeral Service is handled by professional funeral director, Gavin Palin Funeral Service, and is delivered to exacting standards.

The service is available to anyone who is arranging the funeral of someone who has died whilst residing in the borough of Cheshire East,

The service will be held at either Crewe or Macclesfield Crematoria or any of the borough’s eleven cemeteries.

A recent report identified the national average cost of a funeral as £3,456 but when you add additional discretionary funeral costs, such as obituaries in the local paper, it could be as much as £5,462.

We are able to offer this service inclusive of all associated crematorium charges from £2,295 which is considerably less than the national average, and we believe offers excellent value for money.

The service includes:

  • Collection of the deceased (from within the borough)
  • Use of the funeral director’s private chapel of rest (for families where transport is unavailable a collection service is available to visit the chapel of rest by arrangement).
  • Visits to the chapel of rest are available anytime day or night, seven days. 
  • Arranging and supervising the funeral
  • Hearse and one following limousine to carry six
  • A suitable oak veneer finished coffin, with nameplate, interior and appropriate handles
  • Cremation costs
  • Additional costs can include doctor fees, minister or celebrant fees, flowers, service sheets and obituary notices.

The Orbitas Funeral Service, also includes burial at an additional cost. For further details of the cost of this please contact Gavin Palin.

Gavin Palin can offer further services such as:

  • Embalming
  • Additional limousines
  • Obituaries and acknowledgement notices
  • Floral tributes
  • Memorial inscriptions.

Please note that any extra items requested will incur additional costs and the funeral directors will provide an estimate of these on request.


Call Gavin Palin directly on:

  • 01270 624153 or 07989 606396

If you wish to use this service please ask for the ‘Orbitas Funeral Service'

Further information

  • The Orbitas Funeral Service is only available through Gavin Palin Funeral Service
  • Our aim is to ensure that the Orbitas Funeral Service, is to a high standard yet
  • Affordable for the residents of Cheshire East. In making these arrangements you will be entering into a contract directly with Gavin Palin Funeral Service
  • Gavin Palin Funeral Service has no connection, financial or otherwise, with Cheshire East Council or Orbitas Bereavement Services.