General Cemetery Information


If burial is your preferred choice, we have TEN cemeteries that you can choose from.

Flowers in front of grave stones

At the present time we just offer a lawn style gave for a full body burial, each with a 100 year lease period. When you purchase a grave, you are given the Exclusive Right of Burial and Memorial Rights. This means that you are the only person who can authorise an interment into the grave and allows you as the owner to authorise a stone mason to erect a memorial.

In the cemeteries that have a chapel available you can have almost any music that you wish played through our audio system, even if it is an individual piece of music that perhaps a member of your family has made. Just ask your funeral director to let us know ahead of time, and when possible we will download your choice of music onto our system.

We will allocate the type of grave you have chosen just prior to burial. Alternatively we offer a grave selection service where one of our staff will meet you and offer you a choice of grave space. This service is by appointment and incurs a charge.


A lawn grave has a headstone with a small garden space of up to 18” measured from the front of the headstone. The rest of the grave is lawn. There is a choice of whether to have a grave for 3, 2 or 1, We can normally accommodate your wishes but it will depend on the type of soil and digging conditions in the cemetery. However, there is the option to have cremated remains laid to rest once a full interment has taken place.

Some sections in our cemeteries have headstone beams installed, so you can go ahead and purchase your memorial from a stonemason as soon as you are ready. For those areas that do not have beams it can mean a wait of 6 months before the ground settles and a headstone can be fixed.