Macclesfield Crematorium

Macclesfield Crematorium

Macclesfield Crematorium in the Cemetery grounds, Prestbury Road, Macclesfield, SK10 3BU on the Northwest side of the town was opened on Wednesday 17 August 1960, being formerly the Non-Conformist Chapel. The building occupies a fine site overlooking the wooded Whitfield Brook valley adjacent to West Park. A culvert from Whitfield House under Prestbury Road and the main drive of the cemetery spills into a pool, which is the central feature of the Garden of Remembrance. The valley side adjacent to the Crematorium is tiered with paths passing through the many fine trees and colourful shrubs that combine to give the arboretum an air of peace and tranquil beauty.

The chapel is available for funeral services of all denominations and sects. There is padded seating for up to 78, which are not fixed and can be moved to suit a specific configuration if required. Braille service books are available on request. There are wheelchairs available that can be accommodated in the seating arrangements of the chapel.

The type of funeral service and manner in which it is conducted are entirely a matter of personal choice. Your funeral director will advise and guide you on the format of the service, and will inform the Crematorium of any specific requirements in advance. If you are not using a funeral director, one of the Bereavement Services staff will assist you with any necessary procedures.

A 40-minute period is allocated to each funeral service, although extra time can be requested if a longer service is required. The whole of the funeral service may take place at the Crematorium, or a service can be held at a church or other venue followed by a Committal only at the Crematorium.

On arrival at the Chapel it is usual for the coffin to be taken into the Chapel ahead of the mourners. The coffin will be placed on the catafalque and the service will proceed until finally the Committal where the curtains will close. Alternatively the curtains can remain open for a final farewell as mourners leave the Chapel. At the end of the service the mourners leave the Chapel by the exit door, which leads to the floral tributes before mourners move back to their cars.

Parking at Macclesfield Crematorium

There are two car parks within the cemetery, they are situated either side of the building, access is via both Prestbury Road (main gate) and Westminster Road. There are limited disabled parking zones. Should the car parks be full, cars are permitted to park along the driveway which runs behind the crematorium. For further assistance contact 01625 383948.