Funeral Webcasting

We are always looking at ways in which we can improve the services we offer and we believe Webcasting of a funeral will do this. This service is now available at both Crewe and Macclesfield Crematoria, at a cost of £50.00.

Webcasting of funerals has been available for more than a decade in the UK, but today more and more people are choosing to use this facility, with nearly 60 of the 281 crematoria already offering this survey.

A funeral webcast is where the funeral service is broadcast live over the internet. Families choosing this service are provided with a private log in and password. This information, together with instructions can be given to friends and relatives, whoever they would like to invite to take part in the service, no matter where they live.

Benefits of webcasting

  • Friends and Family can participate in the service, even if they are not physically able to attend. They will be able to share in the event.
  • The bereaved may be too upset to remember the service.  This facility allows them to watch the webcast at a later time, for up to seven days after the funeral.
  • It can provide comfort to the bereaved to know that those unable to make the funeral will be able to participate

Man using a laptop computer

Webcasting is not designed to, and cannot replace mourners attending the service in person it is very much to give those who cannot attend the chance to get involved.