Tribute to mark the end of WW1

August 2018

WW1 Carpet Bed sm

Between August 4 1914 and the armistice on November 11 1918, more than 8 million men and women of Britain and the then British Empire took part in this “war to end all wars”.  Nearly 1 million of them perished and 2 million were wounded.  

In commemoration of the outbreak of World War One, Orbitas staff designed a carpet bed at the entrance to Crewe Cemetery, which featured a single open poppy and the word ‘Lest we Forget’. This poignant tribute has, each year, had a poppy added to the design representing each year of the war.

Councillor David Marren, Chairman of Orbitas, Bereavement Services Limited said:

“As we approach the end of our commemorations of the centenary anniversary of the First World War it is fitting that we reflect on the overwhelming event which led to tremendous sacrifice and bravery on the battlefield, and quiet heroism on the Home Front.  I believe that this floral tribute, constructed by the staff at Crewe cemetery, will serve as a reminder of the very many who fought in the First World War, and is a fitting end to our four years of reflections”